As a part of CSR, SLC COIN is working on social problems of Sri Lanka by making a donation for solution.


Mr. Sarah McComb Aradhna, a founder of his own charity, answered how he has started the process, how he has been facing the challenges to improve lifestyles and help the poor people, and explained about the current projects. He also mentioned that it would be grateful if he get some help and assistance for the expenses to upkeep his charity projects.

SLC COIN is a new type of asset back token backed by bank's time deposit. We also offer strong security and custody system in partnership with banks.

SLC COIN grows with Sri Lanka, which is undergoing economic development.

【International Blockchain, ICO and Cryptocurrency Expo in Singapore】 on 2018/10/26

Project Overview

Our company has a partnership with Pan Asia Banking Corporation. We understand the background of Sri Lanka's economy, and hope to develop the social inflation and investigation in the future. We are going to manage the investments by using blockchain system, and develop the platform that enables the diversified asset management. The funds for this project will be raised by ICO. We will be investing the treasury bill, government guaranteed bond, and government sponsored debt as well. The token will be called SLC.

company overview

Raise the funds by ICO

The annual interest rate in Sri Lanka is 10%. We would like to use this opportunity to achieve this project. As a benefit, we will reissue SLC through 10 years. SLC owners will always be able to purchase SLC, and they will be able to use the maximum capacity of CD (Certificate of Deposit) and the investment trust funds.

To keep the value of tokens, we deposit all the funds from ICO at Pan Asia Bank, and receive 10% of interest. This means the market price of SLC will be a stable currency like USDT, and it would be twice expensive than the original price in 10 years. Investors gets more an more SLC by just keeping them.

The advantages of having a long-term deposit are, you can get the interest rates, you can keep the value of SLC for a long time, and you do not need to withdraw your SLC because it is a long-term deposit.

Diversified Asset Management Platform

SLC is a long-term deposit, and using Pan Asia's asset bank (general ledger record for sorting and storing the debit and credit amounts from a company's transactions). Therefore, if the virtual currency exchange company go bankrupt, client's asset will be saved in a different account.

Exchanging SLC to Legal Currency

To exchange your currency to BTC or ETH, most of ICO need to be listed on stock market. Crypto to Crypto is the most popular system for USD and EUR, and it requires 2 steps to exchange. However, if you open your account at Pan Asia Bank, you will get an ATM card that has VISA debit. You will be able to exchange with the legal currency from anywhere by using ATM card.

Benefits for token owners

Through 10 years, we will reissue 10% of the total sales numbers of tokens, and return 50% of SLC to the owner of SLC. This owner must have over 10000 SLC.
This system might have an issue of losing the value of tokens, but we will use the interest rates to buy new deposits and keep the value of tokens.

Listed Assets

We plan to make SLC available internationally. This plan will create a circulation of SLC and the tokes will be more valuable.

Token Information

Token Price 1 SLC = 0.000001 BTC
(Minimum purchase: 4,000 SLC)
1 SLC = 0.00003 ETH
(Minimum purchase: 1,000 SLC)
Financing SLC tokens for sale: 3,000,000,000 SLC
SLC tokens to be issued: 6,000,000,000 SLC

ICO Schedule


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